RealFake Magazine/Trenches Blog Declaration of Intent:
To share our "nailed it" and "epic fail" lessons in business and editorial fashion photography with you: The Independent Creative. IDC.
We know how hard it is to navigate this tricky world of fashion. We know because, we started at square one.
We live in a remote Northern California community that is far from the bright lights of Hollywood. We are not blessed with trust funds or investors. We are making something out of nothing, using our creativity and passion for art. We are two women, army crawling our way through mistakes, small budgets, and misconceptions.
At the end of the struggle is the light of success.  Not everyone in this industry has a hard drive of all they did along the way to get to the top. And if they do, they rarely share it. That's where the Trenches Blog comes in. This is a record of our real life struggles as artists and business women.
Why are we sharing it with you?
Because we want more art and fashion in the world, and we want to support your hard work and dedication.
We believe you should have the opportunity to educate yourself, and to get a chance to share your vision with the world.
Instead of building a wall without a door, we are building a bridge.
We are glad you are here.
Welcome to the shortcut.
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Jamie Solorio/ who's goal is: "Getting my ducks in a row"
co-founder/photographer/editorial director
Robin Fator/ who's goal is: "Making art without apology"
co-founder/creative director/stylist

Robin Fator