In the TRENCHES with Jamie and Robin


January of 2016 was our first editorial photo shoot. The plan? Feature a fashion story about the boudoir trend we were seeing on the runways and light it with colorful ambient light. This project became Neon Noir. Obviously we wanted to get these images seen and to start building our credibility in the fashion industry. We started researching magazines that were taking submissions. There were a million. We submitted to a few, and to our delight a few got back to us to let us know our submission had been accepted. There was just one catch, they wanted upwards of $100 to publish our work. We struggled with what we should do. After doing some research we found that this is a common practice for online fashion magazines. Even photographer Lara Jade recommended against it. However, we decided to pay the price to one magazine as a way of getting started. As soon as they received their money, we couldn't get a hold of them for weeks. They wouldn't return emails, instagram messages or facebook mentions. Then, their site was hacked. After more than a month, we finally requested our money back. They never responded, just published our editorial. That was a relief. However, they never properly promoted it and they got the fashion credits we provided wrong. It was pretty disappointing. They claimed to be " passionate hunters of that one raw pearl nestled in a hundred million grains of sand."

Passionate was an overstatement. 

Out of our frustration, this magazine was born. We believe you shouldn't have to wait weeks, pay hundreds of dollars, or be ignored.

You are the artists and the dreamers of dreams.

You are in the trenches, fighting your way to the top.

So are we.

Welcome to RealFake Magazine!

Photography: Jamie Solorio

Stylist/Model: Robin Fator

Hair: Amanda Fator

Makeup: Mariya Krutikova

Assistant: Elevia Ritchie

Video: Jesse Solorio